The New Xenophobia

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Pnina Werbner, Professor Emerita, Keele University, UK:

“A reflective, deeply personal account of what makes contemporary xenophobia new, written by a highly esteemed novelist, poet and cultural critic. Tabish Khair moves with ease through philosophy, literature, politics, economics, and popular culture, in order to probe the impact of late capitalism on perceptions of strangerhood.”


Xenophobia, the fear or dislike of strangers, can be seen throughout the course of history in the form of communal riots, racist attacks, religious hatred, and genocide. Hindu–Muslim riots in India, Sinhalese–Tamil tensions in Sri Lanka, ethnic cleansing in former Yugoslavia, purging of Shias and Sunnis in Iraq and Syria, skinheads attacking immigrants, and the Jewish holocaust in Europe are a few examples.


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